What is E-Marketing and What are Its Benefits?

With the advancement of technology, marketing has taken different forms and is developing daily, and now we see the importance of e-marketing as it plays an important role in the economy and has radically changed the ways of trade, as well as in marketing theories, making plans, and using different tools and methods to develop relationships with consumers and gain their satisfaction and loyalty.

What’s the online markiting?

E-marketing is mixing science with art and carrying out some activities to develop an integrated marketing strategy and plan to reach the marketing goals using different tools, means and online platforms, and each platform differs according to its purpose, use and the quality of its audience.

The difference between traditional and e-marketing

Both depend on studying consumer behavior and making every effort to provide services and products that satisfy consumers’ needs and to provide solutions to problems or challenges facing them and to deal with them.

What is e-marketing and what are its benefits?, uwnmarketeer


Electronic or digital marketing (Two-ways Communication Marketing), which is the use of global electronic platforms, and is characterized by being less expensive than traditional marketing; Because it depends on identifying the appropriate segment and developing a specific marketing plan for them and targeting them in advertisements, so you are sure that the advertisement reaches the potential audience who is interested in buying the commodity or using the service (consumers). Communication channels are not present in traditional marketing.

traditional marketing

One Way Marketing or regular promotion is the one that depends on the traditional ways in which marketing began and is through different channels such as advertisements in newspapers and newspapers, in the streets, billboards, radio and TV Ads, and this type of advertising and marketing is distinguished by targeting the general public and being widespread; Because this type is available to all viewers, radio listeners, or streetwalkers without focusing on type A, a particular class of people. And this method of marketing is still going on until now and it plays its own role and achieves its goal efficiently as well.

e-marketing departments

E-marketing contains specializations, sections, and platforms that differ according to their use, purpose, and how to identify, reach and retain the target audience. It is difficult to obtain a customer, but it is more difficult to maintain it.

“Get a customer is hard, and keep him is harder”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is marketing by configuring and improving your site for different search engines (such as Google) by performing several activities with the aim of appearing on the first pages of search results, and being among the first three results, which adds confidence and credibility to your site by visitors and advertisers as well.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

It is marketing by search engines through paid advertising campaigns (Paid Ads), which is an effective way to increase site visits and sales (SEM), as advertisers target specific words related to products or services, and the advertiser only pays when the audience or customers visit the site, which is what Referred to as PPC (Pay Pair Click).

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Marketing through social media platforms is one of the most widespread means and platforms in the world, as it has the largest base of the target audience for most marketers or companies, and its uses vary, the quality of the audience and its content.

(Facebook): There are millions from all over the world, and the number of downloads of the application on Google Play reached 114 million times.

Twitter: is to write your message to the world with a tweet that does not exceed 280 characters, and it is easy to use, and it depends on the strength of the hashtag

Instagram: It is a suitable platform for displaying visual content and is characterized by the ease of searching through hashtags, conducting public opinion polls, and publishing interactive stories daily.

YouTube: It is a powerful search engine that relies on visual content that is characterized by rapid spread, and allows targeting keywords written in the title, and also contains a description box () that allows placing sufficient information about the video content and keywords, and allows the audience to subscribe to channels and follow the content Constantly, making the content creator maintain their audience and gain new ones daily.

LinkedIn: It is a professional social networking site, but brings together entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees in a professional framework, which is suitable for marketing targeting entities or companies (B2B) (Business to Business), and allows you to gain an audience and followers by posting Articles related to your domain.

TikTok: It is an application that contains short videos of a maximum length of 60 seconds, it saves the time of the recipient by watching short, interesting and sometimes promotional content, and it depends on the trend, and its use is spread among a small age group, they are teenagers, and the owners of brands Commercial use it to promote reach to a larger audience.

Content Marketing (CM) (Content Marketing)

“Content is the King” Content is the key that enables you to get the most out of any platform, and it is also the most important thing that your audience pays attention to.

Content marketing depends on knowing the target audience, identifying it well and its interest (Buyer Persona), and then choosing the appropriate platform for him and presenting him with content in a way that makes him interact with you, build a long-term relationship with him, and earn his loyalty to you, and then enhance your brand, and your position among competitors. And increase your sales, all of this and more can be achieved through content marketing.

Email Marketing (EM)

E-marketing via mail or e-mail is one of the professional means that creates a good relationship with potential customers, and a good way to keep your customer informed of everything new that belongs to you (Updated). Offer him newsletters or promotions.

What is e-marketing and what are its benefits?, uwnmarketeer

Video Marketing (VM) (Video Marketing)

It is a type of content marketing and video marketing that has an effective and vital role (Vital) in the advertising campaigns that depend on it. The locations, and the ways to implement it are wide in scope, and it can be customized according to the nature of the clients.

E-Marketing Strategy and Plan Model (AIDAS)

It is the most common model among marketers, and it aims to direct the customer indirectly to buy your product or service and gain his loyalty.

A for Awareness: Awareness of the potential audience about the problem you are solving through the product or service, (getting to know your project), or showing the new feature you are adding to the market.

Attention (A for Attention): This is the term used by most marketers on websites, and it is intended to draw the attention of the site visitor through the attractive and professional design of the site.

I for Interest: It is the next stage of awareness, where interest is generated in what you offer, which motivates him to do more research to know more about the product and the extent to which he may benefit from his purchase of products or services.

Desire (D for Desir): Here it has moved to the stage of wanting to own the product or obtain the service.

Call to Action

Customer Satisfaction: The goal of any activity is the satisfaction of users and consumers, which we know through feedback and getting to know their opinion and experience in using products and services (User Experience) to improve quality and continuous development.

For example, when a person wants to acquire a phone or laptop, he first starts by searching for companies that produce phones or sell them in his country, he begins by getting to know the company or brand first (Awareness), then searches between products and searches for the features he wants (Features) and do more research (Interest), then choose a product or two that differentiates between the desire to acquire any of them (Desire), then makes the decision to buy, and what speeds up his decision is the presence of offers, services, or even ads that contain (Call). To Action).

Benefits of e-marketing

The benefits and advantages of e-marketing are multiple, as it helps you to spread, form and build a strong relationship with the customer and the consumer, reduce costs and increase profits through the tight strategic plan, which is constantly developed using data and analytics, and the most prominent of these benefits are:

Less expensive: Compared to traditional marketing, e-marketing is much lower in cost and budget and better in results.

Diversity of means of displaying services and goods: The various electronic platforms provide the opportunity to display services and goods in different ways by writing content in text, images or videos.

The possibility of repeating marketing messages: The success of repeating marketing messages and reformulating them in other forms is a very important factor in any electronic marketing, whether for the purpose of awareness or sale.

The possibility of defining the target segment and retargeting: It is one of the most important elements of the marketing process for any company, field or specialty, where you can choose your customers accurately by defining the common features between them (Buyer Persona), and after analyzing the results, you can retarget the audience that interacted with you by again (client retention).

The ability to measure performance (KPIs) (key Performance Indicators): They are the main goals that must be tracked by measuring performance that support your strategy and help the work team to develop, organize time and effort, focus on goals and do everything in their power to achieve them, and analyze indicators to find out where errors are and correct them .

The possibility of measuring the return on investment (ROI): that is, what is the return that you will get for the amount you pay, which will make you achieve the largest return and benefit from the lowest possible costs and save resources.

Increase sales and profits: by offering promotions, collaborating with other sites or platforms to place your ad, creating a permanent online platform for you

All this and more confirms the importance and benefits of e-marketing in changing the concepts of commerce and the global economy, the arts of selling and studying consumer behavior that changes daily.